4 Easy Water-Saving Landscaping Tips

Are you looking for ways to conserve water while still maintaining a beautiful lawn or garden? It is possible to have terrific landscaping without using too much water. Whether you're trying to comply with water rationing rules in your community or you're just trying to keep your water bill down, these tips can help you achieve the landscaping you want without so much water.

Pick Native Plants

Exotic plants may stand out in the crowd, but they require more of almost everything, including water. Because they're not designed to grow in your climate, they need extra care and resources in order to thrive. However, native plants should be accustomed to the natural rainfall patterns in your area. In many cases, they may not need watering at all beyond what they get from the rain. Local nurseries are good place to find information on native plants, or you can use a database to look up attractive plants that are native to your area.

Make Use Of Mulch

Mulch is a great tool to help you cut down on your water usage in the garden. It keeps the soil moist, which means that your plants require less watering. Mulch can also be decorative. Reddish-brown cypress mulch or fragrant cedar mulch can make an attractive addition to your garden while reducing your need for watering.

Plant Drought Resistant Grass

Keeping a lawn lush and green looking can soak up a lot of water. You can cut your water usage by installing drought resistant grasses that don't need as much water to stay green and healthy. Consider Zoysia grass, Buffalo grass, St. Augustine Grass, or Bahia grass instead of the much more demanding bluegrass. Your lawn will need less water, it will be less demanding to care for, and it may even look more distinctive and unique. 95% of American lawns use bluegrass, so yours will stand out in the crowd.

Harvest Rainwater

All you need are some barrels and a garden hose, and you can capture the rainwater that comes off of your roof and out from the gutters, and use it to water your lawn for free. You'll be surprised by just how much water you can collect from the top of the roof. During one hour of moderate rain, your average 25 foot by 40 foot roof is shedding as much as 600 gallons of water. This can also give you the extra water you need to fill a fountain or other water feature in your garden without guilt.

These simple tips will work for any homeowner who wants to reduce their water usage while still maintaining a gorgeous lawn and garden. You'll be amazed by how much water you can save without sacrificing your landscaping. Talk to a lawn care services company like Heath Services LLC to learn more about reducing your lawn's water usage.