3 Tips For Designing Your Commercial Landscaping

When it comes to brainstorming and creating a design for your commercial landscaping, you want a design that is both beautiful and practical. It should beautify your business building and surrounding area, and draw positive attention to it, while as the same time remaining low maintenance and practical for you to maintain for several years to come. There are certain things that you can do to create a landscape design that can accomplish all of this. This article will discuss 3 tips for designing your commercial landscaping. 

Use Rocks For Heavily Trafficked Areas

If there is an area around your business that gets a lot of foot traffic, then it is best to place small rocks in this area. This makes it so that the foot traffic doesn't kill plants, flowers, or grass. The rocks are great at withstanding a lot of traffic, just as long as you rake them regularly to keep them level. Also, you will want to make sure that you place landscaping fabric underneath the rocks to ensure that weeds and other plants do not grow up between the rocks. You can even throw in some larger rocks in this area as decorative landscape pieces to add to the overall beauty of your landscape design. 

Place Bright Flowers By Your Business Sign

In order to add beauty and draw attention to your business, you can plant bright colored flowers around your business sign. These flowers should be thick enough to fill the entire flower bed surrounding your business sign, but short enough so that they do not cover your business sign. Also remember to place landscaping fabric under your flowers, to once again stop weeds from coming in. Whether someone is on foot or driving by, their eyes will be drawn to these gorgeous flowers, which will in turn help them to notice your business sign and what it says. 

Keep The Grass Minimal

Since caring for grass can be both difficult and expensive, it is a good idea to keep grass to a minimum in a commercial location. Not only will the grass have to be fertilized, but the weeds will need to be removed regularly, and you will likely have to deal with dead spots quite often. Also, watering grass can be quite expensive, and damage to your sprinkler system can occur quite easily in heavily trafficked areas. If you would like a small amount of grass, that is great, just place it in an area that is away from foot or vehicle traffic.

Does landscaping your commercial property seem like a daunting task? Consider hiring a professional, such as those at Thompson Landscape Co, to tackle this responsibility.