Stop Weed Eating By Properly Edging Your Flowerbed

Many people use paving stones just to keep their mulch from washing away from inside of their flowerbed. Paving stones can actually be used for more than just flowerbed edging stones. You can actually use the stones to create a path for your lawnmower to use when cutting the grass so that you do not have to haul out your weed eater anymore. Use the following guide to learn how to edge your flowerbed to perfection.

Measure Your Paving Stones

You will be laying one paving stone flat in a small trench with another paving stone standing up against it as flush as possible. Place two paving stones together in such a fashion and then measure from the edge of the stone that is laying down to the other side of the stone that is standing up vertically. This number is the number you will use when determining how wide your trench should be. Measure the width of one of the paving stones to determine how deep the trench needs to be.

Dig Your Trench

Start as close to the edge of the flowerbed as you can, and start digging the trench as wide and deep as needed. Be sure to go all the way around the entire flowerbed before placing any of the stones. Wet the trench slightly and pack down the dirt until it is smooth.

Place the Paving Stones

Stand paving stones in the trench as close to the flowerbed as you can. Be sure that the stones are standing upright and at an even height with one another. Next, lay the rest of the paving stones directly in front of the row of paving stones that are standing upright. Be sure that you push the stones that are lying flat as close to the stones that are standing as you possibly can.

Mow the Lawn

Next, you need to mow the lawn so that it has a finished look. You can now run the mower all the way up to the paving stones that are standing vertically on the edge of the flowerbed. You can mow the lawn without ever removing any of the stones are having to pull out another piece of equipment.

The entire process takes very little time to do and will create quite a finished look when you are done. It is not difficult to lay paving stones, but it is a process that requires you to pay attention to what you are doing. If you would like to make additional improvements to your landscape design, get in touch with Heritage Lawn LLC to learn more about your professional landscaping options.