Create Customized Plant Pots With Ease

Having an elegantly decorated yard can make you feel like a million bucks when you pull up to your house after a long day at work. Unfortunately, many of the elegant landscaping items that are on the market cost a fortune to own. Decorative pots that you can use on your stoop or deck are one of the biggest culprits of costing way too much to get the stylish look you want. If you want to learn how to get the same great look for a fraction of the cost, use the guide that follows.

Find Inexpensive Plastic Plant Pots

Go to a gardening store or a home improvement store and buy a few of the inexpensive plastic plant pots in various sizes. In order to create the finished look that you want, you need to have pots of various sizes displayed in a stylish way on your stoop.

Choose a Design for Each Pot

Next, you will need to choose the design you want on each pot. You can choose to create a picture, scrolling detailing, or any other design you think will look elegant and sophisticated when you are done. Draw the design you like on the outside of each pot with a marker. It does not matter what color marker you use at this stage of the process.

Create the Design on Each Pot

Use a glue gun to carefully go over the designs that you created on the pots. The glue gun will be hot and could melt the plastic if you keep the gun in one place for too long or if the plastic is too thin. Be sure that you move the gun constantly to avoid any melting from taking place. The glue should dry very quickly.

Paint the Pots any Color You Choose

Finally, it will be time to paint the pots. Use a spray-paint that is designed for outdoor use and spray the outside of the pots. Fill the inside of the pots with newspaper before painting them, if you think there is a chance that you could get spray paint inside of the pots. The paint will need to dry for a few hours before continuing.

Once the pots have dried, you can fill them with your plants. Arrange the pots in an elegant way on your stoop or in your yard. When someone comes to your home, they will not be able to tell that you decorated the pots by hand and made them completely unique.