Four Things To Do When Caring For Your Artificial Lawn

If you want to have an almost maintenance-free lawn that never needs the grass cut, artificial turf can be a great investment. It is almost maintenance-free because many people do not realize the needs of artificial grass. It needs to be cleaned regularly. Things like sand can be added to it to make it more natural looking. Artificial lawns also need to have an irrigation system to prevent deterioration of the lawn during summer months. Here are some things that your new lawn will need if you plan on installing artificial turf:

1. Keeping Debris Out Of The Grass In Your Lawn

Just like any lawn, an artificial lawn will need cleaning and removal of debris. This means that you will have to get the rake or leaf blower out when falls comes and the lawn is covered with a colorful fall coat. You will also want to remove branches and wind-blown debris that falls on your lawn to keep it looking pristine.

2. Cleaning Up Pigeon Bombings And Other Messes With A Garden Hose

Unfortunately, your artificial lawn will not be immune to pigeon poop bombings or the neighbor's dog. The good news is that these messes can easily be cleaned up with a garden hose when you are doing other maintenance around your home.  You will not want to use a pressure washer for these tasks because it can damage the grass. Instead, use a pressure setting on a water-hose nozzle to clean messes. If the soil medium moves, you can use a garden rake to spread it back out evenly.

3. Adding A Soil Filtration Medium To Help Keep A More Natural Look

There are many types of artificial lawns, which often have the synthetic grass blades sewn into a matting. This does not look very natural, but a soil medium is often used over the grass. The soil medium can be sand or synthetic materials. It will help to give proper drainage to the lawn and a more realistic look. This material can get worn and washed away, so you may need to add material to areas that need it occasionally.

4. Watering Your Artificial Lawn On Sunny Days To Prevent Decay And Other Problems

Many people think that their artificial lawn will not need water, but this is not true. During the summer months, heat can cause the grass to fade, degrade, become brittle and leach synthetic materials from the lawn. To prevent this, it is important to irrigate your lawn, which can also help make it feel more natural and last longer.

If you are going to install an artificial lawn for your home, these are some of the things that it will need. It may not need as much water as live grass, but it does need watering. You can contact a sprinkler installation contractor to install a sprinkler system to help maintain your lawn.

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