Plants That Help Deter Pests

It's finally warm again and all you want to do is go outside and enjoy the fresh air! Then, you take a step outside and you're reminded of all the pests that come with the beautiful weather. There are things you can do to keep these pests away naturally. There are a wide variety of plants that deter many pests. Here are just a few of them.


These vibrant little flowers pack a powerful scent that mosquitoes loathe. They are great in flowerbeds or in containers. If you have roses, consider planting marigolds around your roses as they also repel aphids, which can destroy your beautiful roses. Some gardeners swear that planting marigolds in your garden will help keep rabbits out of your veggies.


This round flower with dozens of little purple flowers does more than just look beautiful. It also deters many pests, especially those you find in a vegetable garden such as carrot flies, slugs, and aphids. Be mindful when you plant them because alliums can grow up to six feet tall.


This herb with beautiful lavender flowers smells like heaven to people, but many different pests don't agree. You can plant them in containers around your house as well as containers in your house to repel mosquitoes and flies. Just make sure if you keep them in your house to keep them near a sunny window as well as give them plenty of sufficient airflow. You can also use clippings of dried lavender in your drawers to repel moths.


This plant, known to make cats happy and a little crazy, has an extreme scent. Many insects, such as mosquitoes, don't like the strong smell of catnip. Plant them near your porches and outdoor sitting areas to help repel unwanted bugs.


Yet another plant that deters mosquitoes and flies is basil. This herb is also great for cooking, as well as making your salad even more delicious. Fresh basil can also be used to make a great insect repellent.


This showy flower is a favorite for hanging baskets and containers. They have beautiful blooms that come in a wide variety of color. Many people don't realize that they also deter insects such as aphids, beetles, and tomato hornworms. They are easy to grow and don't require much maintenance. Pinch off old blooms often to encourage new blooms.

So don't avoid going outside because of the many insects out there. Instead, try implementing some of the plants listed here in your landscaping for beautiful flowers, smells, and to help keep the pests away! That way you can enjoy the beautiful weather without the annoying pests.