Want Autumn To Shine In Your Backyard? 3 Plants To Think About Growing

Just about everyone has a favorite season, or at the very least, they prefer one over the others. If you are in love with autumn and everything that encompasses this season, you may want to showcase it by transforming your property's landscape into a beautiful sight all throughout fall. It requires careful planning and execution to create such a landscape as so many plants have unique needs and qualities. Hitting every level is ideal with short flowers, medium-sized bushes, and tall trees.


As an autumn lover, you probably love all of the reds, oranges, and yellows that come out at this time. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed if you are not getting these colors in your own backyard. To get started with shrubs that will give you that deep red you love, you should grow Brandywine. The bush does not require much maintenance, as it naturally deters deer, which is helpful for areas prone to them. At up to six feet in height, you can expect some nice coverage in your yard from this plant alone.


If you want to complement the Brandywine perfectly, you must look at the Helenium. This particular plant will showcase beautiful flowers that have a wide range of colors which are the main autumn ones. It's randomness in terms of color will give you an extra something to look forward to every fall. It will reach adulthood a little shorter than the Brandywine, so you do not have to worry about drowning the plant.

The other great thing about this plant is that it is resistant to numerous problems, making it easy to grow. Having a reliable plant that you know will bloom during fall can provide you with some relief.

Sugar Maple

Trees are certainly a long-term obligation, but you can get results right away by looking for grown trees. These may come in a variety of heights and will cost more the taller they are, but the benefit is that you get to enjoy their lovely colors almost immediately and avoid a tough process of growing from seed. The Sugar maple is an excellent choice for fall colors once again due to its variety of colors it puts on display. Its transition from yellow to orange to red will beautify your yard with its leaves all season long.

Growing these three plants together will yield great results for enjoying the season of fall. For more information, contact Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center or a similar location.