A Dash And A Sprinkle -- 3 Easy Steps To Adding An Herb Garden In Your Backyard

Are you thinking about installing an herb garden in your backyard? For cooks and food connoisseurs alike, being able to step outside and pick fresh herbs for dinner is a dream come true. So, how can you add this fun detail to your landscape? Here is a handy three-step guide.

Keep It Close. When choosing a location for your herb garden, try to place it close to the house -- primarily, close to the kitchen -- for easy access. The less work you have to go to in order to maintain and harvest your herbs, the more likely you are to get the maximum value from your garden. For the best placement options, simply walk out your back door and survey all the possible locations within about 20 paces. If you live in an area with rainy spring or fall weather, consider making the path to the garden covered or sheltered from the elements as well. 

Make It Comfortable for You. How you set up an herb garden largely depends on your physical comfort and the plants' growing needs. If your budget is tight, you could place a simple wood or stone border around a section of good soil and start a few herbs there. Or, you could build an herb-growing station tall enough to comfortably work in while standing. A raised herb garden is a good idea, too, if you have pets or outdoor critters that are likely to munch on plants or make themselves at home in a garden. Whatever style you choose, be certain that all areas of the garden can be easily reached for weeding and care, and that you add good quality soil for your young plants. 

Choose Your Own Herbs. Assess how much of each herb you already use in your pantry. This will give you an idea of which herbs to plant in your garden and how many of each to start. If you want a more attractive garden, consider unusual variations of herbs, such as variegated sage, thyme, or mint. For lower maintenance, start with perennial herbs like sage, fennel, or mint.

If you're unsure how to incorporate an herb garden into your yard design, or you have unusual outdoor circumstances, consult with a professional landscaper like L & L Excavation & Landscaping to get started. But, whether you do it alone or with help, the ability to harvest fresh herbs while dinner is cooking on the stove will no doubt add to your joy of cooking for years to come.