Recommendations To Protect And Maintain Your Landscape Trees

Trees are a beautiful and essential part of the environment and your nearby landscaping features. In addition to looking awesome and creating shade in your yard, trees provide stability for soil, homes for wildlife, oxygen, and air cleaning, so it is important to protect them and keep them healthy and maintained. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to trim branches from a tree or remove it entirely. Here are some tips to help you trim or remove a tree from your yard.

Watch For Tree Problems

There are many reasons you may need to remove a tree or some of its limbs from your yard. For example, if a tree is growing up into nearby power lines or is growing up against the outside of your home or upon its roof, you should trim its branches back to allow for the safety of your power lines and home. If your tree's roots are growing into your septic or sewer lines, this may require you to remove the entire tree.

Other issues may require you to remove a tree due to its health, such as if a tree is dying or showing signs of stress, has a damaged trunk, or is at risk of falling over, contact a tree professional to help you manage the condition of your tree for safe treatment or removal. You may discover that a tree can remain on your property after being trimmed or treated for its health conditions.

Check For Permit Requirements

Before you begin to cut down any tree from your property, check with your local area city or county ordinance department to find out if you need a permit to remove the tree. If you are hiring a tree service professional, they will secure the right permits for you to complete the job appropriately, whether it is trimming or removal.

Your tree professional will also be able to evaluate your tree and its growth for recommendations to keep its health protected. For example, if one branch from your tree is showing signs of disease but the rest of the tree is healthy, they can remove it for you to ensure your tree continues to grow healthy.

Manage Your Tree Waste

When your tree professional has completed their tree branch trimming or full tree removal, you will be left with a pile of tree pieces that you need to manage. If the tree contains diseased or infested areas, your tree professional can remove it for safe disposal. Otherwise, consider chipping the wood with a mulcher to use as ground cover or to supplement your garden soil.

Contact a local tree trimming service to learn more.