What Is Brush Mulching?

There are a lot of land clearing methods available. One of them is called brush mulching, also known as forestry mulching. What is it, and what are the benefits of using brush mulching as a land clearing technique?

Brush Mulching

The land clearing method uses one machine that can come in and clear the land down to the ground, including things like stumps; and then chew up the debris into little pieces and leave them in place. The mulcher can take down small trees, brush, weeds, grass, and undergrowth. Trees in different sizes can be taken down depending on if the machine rotates on the horizontal or vertical axis. Machines that rotate on the vertical axis tend to take down trees with a larger diameter and work better in certain situations. There are benefits to using one of these machines as a land clearing method. 

Fire Break Creation

One of the benefits is that brush mulching can create a good fire break. A fire break's goal is to create a wide empty space that denies the fire any fuel so that it can't go any further. Fire breaks are used both preventative measures and active measures to help control an active fire. A forestry mulching machine can come in and clear the fire break faster and more efficiently than a crew of people could manually clear the same area. 

Less Waste

Another benefit is that brush mulching creates less waste. Because the machine chips up all the brush, logs, grass, and trees as it goes and then shoots it out onto the ground, there is minimal waste that needs to be put into a landfill. The debris will also break down into a form that can nourish the soil and make it healthier in the long run. 

Invasive Species Eradication

Invasive plant species can choke out native vegetation and can be hard to get rid of. But with forestry mulching, the operator can clear out the patches of invasive species and then leave the open spaces for the native plants to thrive. Since the ground will be cleared out, native plants could immediately be planted to ensure that the invasive species can't get a foothold again.  

Clearing land can be a huge job, so anything that can make that job easier can be a good thing. Forestry or brush mulching can make land clearing much easier and much more efficient. Contact a brush mulching service for more information.