Recommendations For A Healthy And Efficient Yard Irrigation System

Keeping your yard and vegetation irrigated during the warmer summer months is an ongoing process that you don't want to neglect. Otherwise, you will end up with a dead lawn, trees, and shrubbery. The cost of keeping a well-maintained and efficient irrigation system in your yard is invaluable when you consider the cost and time to replace your landscaping and the loss of your property's value from the vegetation die-offs. Here are some recommendations to help you irrigate your yard lawn and landscaping well all season for healthy vegetation.

Install a Smart Irrigation System

There are a lot of different irrigation and sprinkler systems available to install in your yard's landscaping. Based on the types of vegetation you have growing and the climate you live in, choose one that is going to benefit your yard the best. A good rule of thumb for an irrigation system is to install yours with a program timer so the system will automatically water your vegetation during the early parts of the morning. This timer allows you to keep your vegetation irrigated before the heat of the day arrives and in the morning so the excess moisture has time to evaporate and not cause disease on your vegetation. With a programmable system, you don't have to worry about it not watering your lawn while you are out of town.

You should also look to install a rain sensor on your irrigation system. In your yard, install a rain sensor to evaluate rain and precipitation amounts throughout each week. If you receive a heavy rainfall, for example, right before your system is programmed to irrigate, the system will delay the start for one to two days based on the rainfall. This helps you save on water and avoid overwatering and misuse of local water, especially when your area is experiencing a drought.

Use Your Irrigation Water Efficiently

Once you have the right irrigation system installed in your yard, it is important that you run it efficiently and in the right manner. A programmable system can be tailored to your landscaping vegetation. So, if you have newly planted trees that need water on a daily basis, be sure you install the right drip irrigation soaker lines around the base of the tree and over its roots so it receives that constant water necessary for healthy establishment in the soil.

Your lawn makes up a large area of vegetation in your yard, and deeper watering will give your lawn a healthier growth. Water for longer and less frequently through each week. Instead of watering every day for ten minutes, you should water about every three to four days for twenty to thirty minutes. This will deliver water more deeply into the soil and your lawn's root system will grow in the same manner for a more drought-resistant lawn. For more information, contact a company like Pacific  Sunscapes.