When Does Your Yard Need A Retaining Wall?

If you've had friends and neighbors add retaining walls to their yards, then you might be starting to wonder if you need one, too. Not every wall needs a retaining wall. While they are aesthetic, they are not usually put in place purely for aesthetic reasons. You really only need a retaining wall if you're dealing with one or more of these problems or concerns:

You have a lot of pooling water

Do you have an area of your property where water seems to pool, even if it has not rained recently? This standing water can harbor dangerous bacteria, and it can invite insects like mosquitoes into your space. Not to mention, it will keep grass and other plants from growing. Retaining walls are not a solution for every drainage issue, but they can help with most drainage situations. Putting up a retaining wall in a certain area will help direct the water towards a ditch or a drainage pipe. Your landscaping contractor will probably recommend some other changes, such as the addition of a drainage tile, but the retaining wall will be a big piece of the puzzle.

Your yard is eroding

Erosion is not just something that happens way out in nature near giant rivers and on mountain tops. It can also happen in backyards. If there is a part of your yard where the soil seems to be becoming shallower and shallower, and where rocks are constantly being washed away down a hill, then you're likely witnessing erosion firsthand. A retaining wall can help keep any additional soil from eroding. In fact, your landscaper will probably build the eroded area back up before they put in the retaining wall. Effectively fighting erosion will help keep plants in the area stable. It will also help prevent damage to your home's foundation, unearthing some of the water pipes, and more.

Your home's foundation is becoming exposed

Are you able to see more of your home's foundation than you were before? This usually means that soil is being washed away from the foundation. Before long, this can lead to leaks and instability. A retaining wall, when properly placed, can help keep the foundation from becoming any more exposed, which may save you thousands on home repairs in the long run.

Not every yard needs a retaining wall, but they can be really handy in certain situations. Talk to a landscaping service, such as Rolling Hills Landscaping, to learn more about retaining walls and to get an estimate.