4 Benefits Of Automatic Sprinklers For Your Rental Properties

Managing the landscaping of your rental properties is just one task of a successful landlord. Automating parts of the process, such as lawn watering, comes with several benefits.

1. Water Cost Management

Reducing water usage is good for the environment and for your checkbook. If water costs are included in your tenant's monthly rent amount, then you as the property owner have a vested interest in keeping water costs low. It's a good idea to try to keep costs low even if your tenant pays water, though, as too high of bills can make it hard to keep a tenant.

Further, many areas have fines for over usage of water. These fines are typically issued to the property owner, not to a tenant. Sprinklers can help you avoid these fines.

2. Improved Lawn Care

Part of maintaining your rental properties is maintaining the lawn. If a tenant allows the lawn to die out, they have increased your cost of ownership as the property won't have as much value and you will have to pay to rehabilitate the yard. The fact is that few tenants will care about the lawn as much as you do.

Installing a sprinkler system and having access to its controls, such as via an app-controlled smart sprinkler system controller, means you can ensure that the lawn is being watered on the best schedule to maintain its lush green color and health. 

3. Better Maintenance Control

Having some control of the lawn maintenance is important, even if the lease specifies that tenants are responsible. As mentioned previously, an app-controlled smart sprinkler system allows you to adjust the settings and frequency of watering without having to schedule a maintenance visit with the tenants. 

You can also have water meters installed on the sprinkler system. These measure soil moisture and only activate the sprinkler system when it needs to be watered. Neither you nor the tenants need to worry about programming or managing the system in this case, as all maintenance control is turned over to the system itself.

4. Quality Tenants

Healthy lawns that require minimal care can help attract high-quality tenants at a higher rental price point. Curb appeal is one of the many factors that impact the value of your property, and most people enjoy living in homes with nice lawns as opposed to dry and dead ones. 

Further, tenants likely don't want to spend all of their free time caring for a lawn they don't own. With an automated sprinkler system, you attract tenants that will appreciate the higher rental premium of a nice lawn without wasted evenings spent watering. 

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