Common Signs You May Need Sprinkler Repair

Sprinklers and irrigation systems can make caring for a yard or garden easy. You set the sprinklers or irrigation system to a timer, and then your yard, shrubs, flowers, tree, and other live landscaping are watered based on the timer you set. Unfortunately, your sprinkler system may not work properly if your system is in need of repair. Here are a few signs that you may be in need of sprinkler repair. 

You See Brown or Dry Spots in Your Yard

One of the lesser-known signs that you may be in need of a sprinkler repair is seeing brown or dry spots in your yard. A sprinkler or irrigation system that is properly designed reaches all of your lawn. If you start noticing brown spots, you may have a sprinkler that is not spraying in the right area, a sprinkler head that is damaged, or a sprinkler that simply is not turning on when it should. Seeing brown or dry spots in your yard is a key sign that something is amiss with your sprinkler system. 

Your Water Bill Has Increased

Another sign that may be indicative of sprinkler or irrigation issues is an increase in your water usage. If your sprinkler or irrigation system has any type of leak, your water bill will noticeably increase. If you have not had any guests staying in your house and have not knowingly used more water than normal, yet you have a higher than normal water bill, you may be in need of a sprinkler repair or irrigation repair. 

Water Isn't Spraying Out of the Sprinklers As It Should

The last sign you may need sprinkler repair is simply seeing something that is not quite right with your sprinklers when they turn on. If you notice a sprinkler spraying a steady stream of water like a hose, rather than spraying water, the sprinkler head may be damaged. If you notice your sprinkler system does not have a lot of pressure, there may be a clog or leak within the system. Most people know what their sprinklers look like when turned on. If yours come on and something seems off, a repair may be needed. 

In some cases, it may be obvious that you need a sprinkler or irrigation repair. You may notice a puddle of water around a sprinkler or may see the sprinkler is physically damaged. In many other cases though, signs of sprinkler problems are much more subtle. If you notice brown spots in your yard, notice an unexpected increase in your water bill, or see something that just doesn't seem right with your sprinkler system, you should call in a sprinkler and irrigation repair company to inspect your watering system and make any repairs that may be needed. 

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