Landscaping Do's And Dont's For The Corner Of A Corner Lot

A corner residential lot is a great find for many homeowners. It often boasts increased square footage, a higher property value, and more flexibility. But landscaping this front yard can also be a challenge that interior lot owners don't face. The biggest and most unique challenge is usually the actual corner of your corner lot. What should you do or not do when landscaping it? Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Do Go Big and Bold

The corner of a front yard is an opportunity to have fun and create a fantastic focal point for the yard. But it's also often the farthest point in your yard from the house and areas you actually frequent. Both of these qualities mean that you should err on the side of size and grandness when it comes to selecting elements. This means larger blooms and big leaves, bigger boulders, chunkier mulch, and larger details on fencing. 

Don't Make It High Maintenance

The front corner can be hard to keep up with for several reasons. As mentioned, it's far from the beaten path within the landscape, so you may rarely go that far. It can also take a lot of sun exposure, dirt and debris from the street, and invasion from pets and people. So don't fill it with a high maintenance design that requires a lot of water, constant weeding, or protection for delicate blooms. 

Do Add Barriers

One of the biggest complaints by corner lot owners is people and pets taking shortcuts across the corner of their yard. One of the most effective ways to prevent this is to add physical barriers to entry. But you don't have to install a fence in order to achieve this. Barriers can be subtle and attractive, such as a garden bed on a raised berm or landscape boulders and rocks of varying sizes. 

Don't Forget All Views

When planning what you'll add to the corner, don't forget that it should be attractive from all angles. Because most yard elements are only viewed from one or two angles, this can be easily overlooked. Include interesting and surprising details visible from both street sides, the house, the driveway, and the front walkway. 

Where to Start

Could you use help finding the right landscape design for your particular corner? Whether you want assistance keeping it low maintenance, making it attractive from all angles, or preventing foot traffic, your best resource is an experienced residential landscape designer. Call a company like Jeff's Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC to schedule an appointment and learn more.