How Landscapers Can Maximize Purchases Of Wholesale Trees

Wholesale trees for landscapers are often a cost-effective solution. If you're thinking about buying wholesale trees, though, you should understand how to maximize the value of each order. You can make the most of the process by following these 5 recommendations.

Preorder In-Demand Trees

Some trees are more desirable than others, and you'll want to preorder as many of the ones your customers need as early as possible. Ask the wholesaler what their policies are for handling preorders, though. For example, does a preorder guarantee delivery? Likewise, how late can you cancel if necessary? Know the rules before you preorder so you and the wholesaler can build a strong relationship.

Transport the Trees Yourself

Wholesale trees for landscapers tend to be quite cheap as long as you're not shopping for exotic varieties. However, shipping costs often push the price significantly higher. Whenever possible, transport the trees yourself. This will usually reduce the shipping costs compared to having the trees delivered.

Protect the Plants

Transporting trees comes with some risks to the plants. You should understand the basics of caring for each type of tree in transport. Particularly, you will want to know how much hydration the roots will require. Similarly, you should know how loose or tight the root ball should be during the transportation process.

Most businesses that sell wholesale trees can provide instructions for protecting them. Some businesses also have their own soil or slurry mixtures for treating the roots. Follow the instructions closely to maximize the number of trees that will survive the transplanting process.

Buy Young Trees

Large and mature trees are problematic in many ways. That isn't to say the problems are solvable, but the solution tends to be more arduous and expensive if the tree is big. Ask about smaller trees to make the process less painful. This is especially true if you need to plant a large area with many trees. Also, younger and smaller trees tend to be cheaper, allowing a project to survive a higher loss rate.

If you must use a large and mature tree, understand the inherent challenges. You will need bigger equipment. Also, you will usually have to dig a deeper hole.

Favor Tougher Species

Some species of trees struggle with the transplantation process. Speak with an arborist before selecting the wholesale trees so you can choose ones that will endure the process well. If you must use more fragile trees, try to identify the perfect transplant period for them so you can minimize the potential shock.

Contact a local wholesale retailer for more information on wholesale trees.