Planted Some New Trees? Tips To Keep Them Maintained As They Grow

If you planted some trees in your yard, they will take time to reach full growth. There are things you can do along the way to help them, however. This will allow them to grow big and healthy so you and anyone else that lives in your home years from now can enjoy the trees. Keep reading for two maintenance tips.

New Tree Maintenance

In the beginning, you need to make sure your trees stay watered until they become established. For the first couple of weeks water the trees once per day. Make sure you water slow and deep enough to get to the root ball. One way to do this is to use a garden hose. Turn the hose on so that it has a slow dribble. Place the hose on the soil so that it is close to the trunk. Let the water run for a couple of hours. You do need to move the hose around the tree trunk approximately every 30 minutes to ensure the water is distributed evenly.

If you have a sprinkler system this is another way to water the trees deep enough. Have the sprinklers run for a few hours each day. There are soaker hoses that you can purchase. These hoses are porous so water drips from the hose very slowly. Wrap the hose around your trees. Turn the water on until you see water appear on the hose. Let the water run for an hour or two. 

After a couple of weeks, water the trees every three to four days for a week or so and then let mother nature take over. If you have a long drought, you will still need to provide water. 

Full Growth Maintenance

Once your trees are fully grown you still need to do maintenance on them. Inspect the trees regularly for any signs of problems. This may be dead bark falling off, dead branches falling, problems with leaves, such as holes in leaves or leaves turning brown, and more. If you see problems, hire a tree service company. 

You also need to keep the trees trimmed regularly. To do this hire a tree maintenance service company. Trimming the trees is important not only to give them good shape but also to keep trees healthy. During trimming, dead branches are removed allowing new branches to grow. The canopy, which is the top of the tree, is thinned out to allow water and sunlight to get through the trees. 

Fertilize your trees every couple of years to help keep them healthy. There is a liquid fertilizer that you can spray on the soil near the trees. There is also slow-release fertilizer which is granules that you spread around the tree that slowly release fertilizer throughout the season. Ask the tree maintenance service for the best fertilizer to use for your trees. 

The tree maintenance service can give you many more tips to keep your trees healthy.