Elevate Your Landscape Displays

Retaining walls aren't solely designed for holding back soil that is prone to erosion. They can also be used to create platforms that are designated for the display of flowering blooms, herbs, and other annuals or perennials. 

Retaining Wall Designs

When you think of retaining walls, a straight hardscaped feature may come to mind. It is true that a retaining wall often utilizes a rigid design. There are, however, many retaining wall layouts that can be utilized to majorly improve the landscaping aesthetics on a residential or commercial plot. A landscaping contractor may use an arched design. This type of design will contain rounded edges or a circular midway point.

Pavers or rocks can be used to construct a wall that has a serpentine shape. Dips and valleys can be used to create a complex wall design. A simpler landscape display may take up less space. Most of the parts of the wall may contain a hardscape material that is straight and rigid. The sides of a wall can be straight or can contain hardscape materials that are rounded. Cap pieces can be used to elevate a retaining wall, plus assist with containing dirt and flowering and nonflowering plant species.

The Buildup

A retaining wall that will use a three-dimensional design will require support materials within the central part of the structure. A landscaping contractor may use soil to fill in the void that rests within the area that borders the wall. The soil will be added in layers and will be compacted. A basic topsoil product can be used as the filling agent. A soil product that contains nutrients will be added to the top.

Seeds or young plants can be added to the soil. Decorative stones can be used to add texture to the plot where plants will be growing. The structure of the wall will likely be erected first. This will ensure that the soil that is added to the center will not be dispersed to other parts of the property. An adhesive product will be used to attach paving materials.

If loose materials, such as river rocks, will be used to construct a retaining wall, a metal cage can be used to hold the materials. A wall that will utilize metal may contain several cage-like pieces. These pieces will represent the shape of the wall. Once the metal pieces have been installed on a piece of property, a series of rocks will be used to fill the metal sections.

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