Planning An In-Ground Trampoline? Hire A Landscaping Company

If you have children who enjoy being active, there's a good chance that they'd be excited to have a trampoline in the backyard. While many families buy trampolines that sit on the ground, another option is an in-ground trampoline. There are lots of advantages to this trampoline placement, including it being easier for kids to get on and off without falling. If you're interested in having an in-ground trampoline in your backyard, a good place to start is to hire a local landscaping company. The right landscaping company can perform several tasks that relate to this project.


A lot of people favor trampolines that have a large diameter. If you've chosen a large trampoline, it will require a large hole in your yard. Instead of grabbing a shovel and investing a significant amount of time in digging a hole for the trampoline, rely on a local landscaping company to perform this task. Landscaping professionals are capable of all sorts of excavation projects, and can easily dig a hole that will be the right width and depth to accommodate your new trampoline. They'll also take the dirt and rocks from the excavation away with them, saving you the hassle of dealing with this waste.

Sod Installation

Your in-ground trampoline will quickly become a focal point in your backyard once the installation is complete. You want the ground around the trampoline to look its best, especially if you expect that families from the neighborhood will be visiting so that their kids can enjoy the trampoline. It's worthwhile to have the landscaping company install new sod around the trampoline and perhaps throughout your backyard. This will not only improve the look of the space, but will also ensure that the ground around the trampoline is flat.

Removal Of Overhead Obstacles

While you'll be thinking about the ground when you're planning the installation of an in-ground trampoline, you should also think about what is overhead. If there are large trees in your yard, they may have branches that extend above where you want to place the trampoline. The presence of these branches could be a hazard to children as they jump on the trampoline, so you'll want to talk to your landscaping company about removing them. Many landscaping services can perform various tree trimming work and can get rid of any branches that might pose a safety risk. Contact a landscaping company to discuss this prep work for your in-ground trampoline.