Landscaping For Wildlife-Friendly Residential Property

Residential property owners wanting to create a wildlife-friendly environment might hire a landscaping service to make substantial changes to their backyard. With various types of plants and some water features, the land blends more effectively into the area's natural ecosystem. Now, the residents will share the outdoors with many species of cheerful songbirds, playful squirrels, and majestic deer. Landscaping services can help create an environment that welcomes these critters while also being aesthetically appealing. [Read More]

Recommendations For A Healthy And Efficient Yard Irrigation System

Keeping your yard and vegetation irrigated during the warmer summer months is an ongoing process that you don't want to neglect. Otherwise, you will end up with a dead lawn, trees, and shrubbery. The cost of keeping a well-maintained and efficient irrigation system in your yard is invaluable when you consider the cost and time to replace your landscaping and the loss of your property's value from the vegetation die-offs. Here are some recommendations to help you irrigate your yard lawn and landscaping well all season for healthy vegetation. [Read More]

3 Things You Need To Know About Including Conifer Trees In Your Home Landscape Design

If you're like most people, you don't want your outdoor living space to be completely bleak and lifeless during the winter months, and perhaps you like the idea of including landscape design elements in your yard that provide a woodland ambiance. In this case, coniferous evergreens might be the right addition to your yard and garden. Besides their aesthetic value, coniferous evergreens are a good practical source of wind protection for those who live in areas where seasonal wind is part of the picture. [Read More]

Landscaping Tips For Trees

Trees and shrubs are any important part of your landscaping. Not only do they need to be healthy, they also need to look nice. Trimming and Training When it comes to landscape trees and shrubs, regular trimming is the key to both good health and an attractive look. Shrubs and trees that have branches almost to their base, like some conifers, usually only require trimming to maintain their basic shape. This means doing little more than snipping off overgrown branch tips once or twice a year. [Read More]