How To Deal With Trees Growing Too Closely To The House

Although landscape trees provide shade and beauty to your property, they can also cause damage. Trees of the greatest concern tend to be those that grow too close to your home.  Concerns There are three main concerns when the tree is sited close to the home.   1. Roof Damage Roof damage is the most obvious issue when the problem is a large shade tree. Branches may scrape across the roof, ripping off shingles. [Read More]

4 Landscape Challenges You Can Solve With Vines

Could you use vines in your yard to solve some common landscape problems? The answer may be yes, and here are a few such challenges for which vines might create a simple and long-lasting solution.  1. Ugly Walls The right vine can easily transform a boring or unattractive expanse of exterior wall. Vines which attach with small rootlets are able to grab onto brick, wood, and stone with relative ease. Others just need support from a mesh overlay, reclaimed pallets, chicken wire, or wires installed in specific designs. [Read More]

Irrigation System Repair: Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Lawn And Garden Watered

It is important that you maintain your irrigation system to keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful. Like any other equipment, an irrigation system can have problems especially once it starts getting older. To ensure your system stays in the best condition, keep reading this article common problems.  Leaks One common problem with most irrigation systems is getting leaks. Leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, such as problems with the water valves or damaged pipes. [Read More]

Fertilizer Application Tips That Maximize Benefits

Achieving a healthy lawn is a multi-step process. One part of this process is fertilization application. Fertilizer is a chemical solution designed to provide the soil with added nutrients to help it grow and remain healthy. While an effective product, not every user will yield the same benefits. A precise application technique is necessary to benefit from this product the most. Educate yourself on proper application to get the most benefit. [Read More]