How To Remove A Tree Stump

A tree stump can look like an eyesore in your yard and it has the potential to become a hazard. You have to be careful when cutting the lawn that you don't run over it and be cautious that you don't trip over it. Here is a simple step-by-step list of instructions on how to remove a tree stump from your yard.

To complete the following job you will need these items:

A pair of gloves

A pair of safety glasses

A shovel

An axe

A tree branch cutter

A crowbar

1 - Start by putting on the gloves and safety glasses before you begin digging up the area all around the tree stump. Make sure that you start at the base of the stump and dig about a foot down and foot out from the stump. Clear away all the excess soil to expose all the roots.

2 - Take the branch cutters and move around the stump and cut all the roots that you can. If any roots are too thick to cut with the branch cutter then you can use the axe to sever the root. Cutting all the roots will allow you to disconnect the stump from anything that is holding it into the ground. Pull out all the roots so the only thing left exposed is the stump itself.

3 - Take the crowbar and wedge it under the stump leaving the handle exposed so that you can use it as leverage to pry the stump out. You may need to dig underneath the stump with the shovel as you pry to dislodge it. If necessary you can use the axe to chop off part of the stump that will not budge and then continue until the stump is completely pulled out of the ground.

4 - Remove all the dirt and debris that is left over from the stump being removed and then fill back in the hole with the soil you originally dug up.

5 – Sprinkle down some sawdust on the area to indicate where the stump was removed. The soil will sink over time as the soil settles. As it sinks, continue to add more soil and fill it back in even with the other ground.

If you don't have the time or cannot physically remove a stump there are a number of tree removal specialists like Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC that can remove the stump for a modest fee.