What Are The Main Causes Of Standing Water On Your Lawn?

After periods of heavy rain, it isn't abnormal to see water standing on your lawn. If it doesn't soak up and drain away within a day or so, however, or if it happens even when it isn't raining very hard, then you probably have a drainage issue.

These problems shouldn't be ignored for a few reasons. First of all, when water is standing on your lawn, it can cause your existing grass to die and can prevent new grass from growing. It can also attract mosquitoes and other pests, and the standing water isn't very pleasant to look at or walk in.

Fixing the problem is obviously important, but before you can do so, you have to know what is causing it. These are a few common things that can cause water to stand on your lawn.

The Wrong Type of Soil

If your soil is overly compacted, it can make it impossible for water to seep into the ground. For example, clay soil is very bad for causing compacting and causing this issue. Consider replacing some of the soil on your lawn with top soil, or add a layer of sand on top to help aid with drainage.

Improper Grading

In most areas, it is best if your lawn is relatively flat, although there might be a little bit of a slope toward the edge of your property. If you see a lot of hills and low-lying areas when you look out at your lawn, the cause of your standing water is probably related to your lawn not being graded properly. You can start fixing this problem yourself by filling in the holes with dirt and spreading the dirt around with a garden rake or hoe; this will help make your lawn a little more level, which can help with drainage. An alternative option is to hire a grading company to come out and flatten your land for you.

Lack of a Drainage System

Some properties have good natural drainage, and many can be repaired with new soil and grading. Those that can't, however, often need a drainage system that carries water away from your home and property. A good landscaping company or drainage installation company can give you more info about whether or not a drainage system is the right option for your lawn.

Standing water on your lawn isn't something that should be ignored. Once you understand the cause of the problem, however, you can work on repairing it so that you can help dry up your lawn the right way.