3 Tips For Growing Moss

If you are currently upgrading your backyard and want to add some greenery to your garden, moss is a great option. It can make an ordinary garden appear like a Victorian wonderland. Here are some tips for growing moss and maintaining it.

Growing Moss on Soil

The first thing you should know is how to grow moss on soil. If you plan to grow the moss directly on the soil in the ground, instead of in pots or on rocks, these tips are going to be useful. If you can, try to take some moss that is already growing in another location and move it to the soil where you want it to grow. This isn't mandatory but it is helpful. You can also buy a small pot of moss and transplant it to your soil.

When you are ready to plant the moss and let it grow, prepare the soil by raking it and scratching the surface. This lets the filaments make proper contact. Take your moss and press it into the soil firmly. You may also want to pin the moss into place or anchor it with some lightweight rocks. It needs to be watered regularly for the first few weeks after transplantation so it starts to grow.

Growing Moss on Rocks or Brick

The other way to grow moss is either on bricks or on rocks in your yard. For this form of growing moss, you should cultivate it first. To do that, you need to make a mixture of buttermilk or plain yogurt and chopped up moss. You can either use dried or fresh moss for this mixture. Combine these ingredients until it makes a creamy mixture. It is going to be painted onto the rocks or brick, so this mixture shouldn't be too thick. You can add a little water if it isn't yet to a creamy consistency.

Once the mixture is prepared, you will paint it onto the desired surface. Let it sit there for a couple days to let it start growing. After several weeks, you will start seeing the moss grow on the surface.

Maintaining the Moss

Regardless of the method you choose, there are some things you should know about maintaining moss. First of all, it needs excellent shade to grow. If it is in too much sunlight, it won't keep growing. It also needs to remain moist at least in the beginning and be planted if in a low soil pH if you're planting it in the ground. Make sure you remove any weeds you see and remove fallen leaves in the fall.

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