How To Install And Maintain Sod

Laying sod is the fastest way to get beautiful grass on your yard. Laying sod isn't simply unrolling a piece of grass, there is definitely more to it than that. You need to install the sod properly in order to get your grass to take root to the dirt below. See below for instructions on how to install sod and how to maintain it.

Sod Installation Instructions

  1. Kill Weeds. About two weeks before you plan on installing sod, be sure to kill the weeds throughout your yard.
  2. ‚ÄčTill. Till your yard or the area where you will be laying your sod to at least 6 inches in depth. Tilling the yard first will help give the sod a nice foundation to root to. Clean out any rocks, large dirt or weed clumps. Add some topsoil to the tilled ground and then level it evenly using a water filled roller.
  3. Lay Sod. Begin laying your sod starting at the end of the yard with the straightest edge and moving to the other side. Lay the sod in a brick style formation (staggered), and butt the ends together as closely as possible. To cut sod pieces to fit, use a shovel with a sharp edge or a hatchet.
  4. Roll. Once the sod is all laid out, use the water filled roller again to level the sod and to help the sod adhere to the dirt below. If you notice any low spots in the yard, you can lift up any piece of sod and fill in the low spots with soil.
  5. Water. Water the sod thoroughly immediately after laying it. Use one or more sprinklers and water the sod for at least an hour. 

Sod Maintenance

  • Water, water, water. Watering your sod is very important. You need to ensure the water is getting all the way down to the soil below, so you may need to lift up pieces of sod to ensure the water is getting all the way down to the soil. Depending on the type of soil you have, you may need to water more. This is especially true if you have clay soil. Water your sod early in the morning and then again a second time later in the evening. Water the sod for at least an hour each time. You should begin noticing the seams growing together and the sod pieces will begin to adhere to the dirt below. After the sod adheres to the ground below, you can water your lawn a little less.
  • Keep Off The Grass. Try and keep everyone off of the new sod to help the roots adhere to the soil below. If you compact the soil below, it can be more difficult for roots to spread into the hard soil. Rope off your grass if need be and add signs.

Laying sod is the fastest way to get beautiful grass, but be sure you lay it properly and maintain it to keep your new sod healthy.