Are You Finished Softscaping Your Yard? It Is Now Time For Hardscaping

If you are all finished softscaping your yard, such as planting flower gardens, trees, and shrubs, you need to hardscape your yard to finish everything. up. Hardscaping can be used to complement your softscaping, which results in a beautiful landscaped yard.


You could add a pathway that leads to your flower garden, or along the front of your home that leads you to your front door. Make the pathway using concrete pavers or flagstone.

You can use concrete pavers in a straight line, or curve them along the path, and you can make them any width that you want. You can use concrete pavers that look like brick or natural stone, and they come in a variety of colors, such as brown, tan, green, and red. There are concrete pavers that are textured to prevent slips when they become wet.

Flagstone is thin and flat so it is easy to work with. Flagstone is a natural stone so no two are exactly the same, even though you can find them in similar colors to put together, such as tans and browns. You can also find colors like white, gold, blue, orange, red, and even pink. Mix colors together to make unique pathway.

Wood Picket Fence

A wood picket fence either painted white or left to be natural wood looks nice along your front yard. You may have height limits set by your city codes so make sure you check these before you install your fence. If you want the traditional wood look, you can use a redwood or cedar picket fence.

 If you want something that stands out, paint the picket fence white. It makes the perfect background for trailing roses, and many other flowers. You could put decorated posts behind the fence. Just make sure the posts are taller than the fence.

There are also vinyl picket fences that are low in maintenance. You will never need to paint it every few years, as you would likely have to with a wood fence. If you do not like white, you can find vinyl fences in a variety of colors. Set the fence a few feet back from the sidewalk and you can plant flowers in front of it.

Hire a landscaper, such as Michael's Landscape Design, to help you with your hardscaping. They can also tell you many other things you can put in your yard, such as a retaining wall and landscape lighting.