How To Save Money Doing Your Own Landscaping

If you're looking to get a head start on your spring landscaping, you might be able to save a lot of money if you do it yourself. It can cost hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars to have a professional landscaping company plant grass and specialty plants. Some landscaping tools can be pricey, so it's important to find the best deals on items that you may only use once or twice a year. Here are some projects you may be able to tackle yourself and how you can save money doing it.

Build A Retaining Wall

If you've had a problem with erosion around the perimeter of your house, you need to find a way to stop dirt from pulling away every time it rains. One way to control the flow of water and dirt is by building a retaining wall. A retaining wall supports and raises soil while creating an even slope to help deter excessive water pooling. Walls can be made from stone, brick or metal. To add grass or mulch around the inside or perimeter of the wall, you may need a hydroseeder or bark blower to help simplify the process. Hydroseeding is method of distributing a slurry of seed and mulch, typically via a motorized device to distribute grass seed. The result is a seed combination that retains water to promote proper growth. Purchasing used models or renting a unit can help save costs on the project.

Revamp Old Flower Beds

If you're tired of weeding and working your flower beds every spring and throughout the summer months, consider creating a professional flower bed. Tearing out the old bed, adding weed blocker and creating a professional edge is something you can do in just a few days. Polish off the look by adding mulch to the finished landscape arrangement. A bark blower or wood chipper is a cheap and eco-friendly option compared to buying bagged mulch. The bark blower easily blows wood chips into your garden beds, and this eliminates strenuous shoveling and lifting. Check your local classifieds for a bark blower or contact your local garden equipment rental store and ask if they have any used bark blowers for sale at a discounted rate.

Clear Out An Overgrown Area

If you have a lot of trees and overgrown brush around your property, your first thought may be to eliminate it and plant grass seed in its place. While most of the work you may be able to do with loppers or a hedge trimmer, you'll have a lot of branches left over. Mulching these through a tree chipper allows you to reuse the wood and have it serve as mulch to protect plant roots from heat and cold. A bark blower can then be used to allow wood chips to reach into corners and create an even layer of mulch in your garden beds or around trees. You can also use a used hydroseeder to spread a layer of grass seed over the cleared area.

Add Mulch To Edging

To finish off your garden or yard project, you'll want to create an edging around trees and flower beds. Adding mulch to one side of your edging helps create a crisp look that divides your grassy area from the flower bed. Adding mulch around the base perimeter of your shrubs and garden statues helps make it easy to trim weeds back and cut grass without damaging the edging and the plants.

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