3 Tips For Creating A Weed-Proof Garden

After spending the time to create a gorgeous landscape in your yard, it can be frustrating to watch small weeds pop up around your space. Unfortunately, this issue is common for homeowners, especially in neighborhoods where others don't mind their own weeds since weed seeds can spread. Here are three tips for creating a weed-proof garden. 

1.    Apply A Pre-Emergent Weed Killer Each Fall

Pre-emergent weed killers are designed to inhibit weed seed growth, keeping weeds from growing in the first place. Typically spread in the early spring, these special herbicides can make it easy to keep weeds from sprouting, so you have more time to take care of other weed prevention measures. 

During the summer, you can place a fertilizer that kills live weeds, and in the fall, fertilizers help healthy plants, like grass, to enter dormancy. If you aren't sure how much pre-emergency weed killer to apply or where to place it, talk with a lawncare or gardening expert. 

2.    Put Down Mulch

Mulch is an easy way to prevent weed growth since it covers the soil and keeps weeds from taking root. As an added bonus, mulch is available in a wide variety of colors, including chocolate-brown mulch, brick-red mulch, and even black mulch to create contrast with your yard. 

Mulch also helps to shade your plants from the hot sun, lowering water consumption and keeping your plants healthier. Consider buying mulch in bulk and putting down a few inches throughout flowerbeds to keep your plants in better condition. 

3.    Keep Weeds In Check

If you do spot weed growth in your yard, don't put off pulling them out or spraying them with a selective herbicide. These special weed killers are designed to kill weeds without hurting desirable plants like your lawn. By removing young weeds early, you can keep them from seeding and spreading throughout your lawn. 

If you have a nearby neighbor who doesn't weed their yard, think about asking if you can help out. In addition to doing a little service, you could also keep those weeds from spreading into your space, saving you both time and energy. 

Remember, if you ever start to struggle with your landscape, you can always reach out to a professional garden or a nursery supplier to find the help and equipment you need. If possible, bring in small samples of the weeds you have been struggling with to make it easier to match your problem plants with the examples provided on packaging.