Uneven Yard? Why You Should Build A Retaining Wall

Living on hilly terrain can be great if you love a good view. A sloping yard lets you see over the horizon and adds a certain texture to the landscape. However, as much as you may enjoy looking out of your window and seeing the skyline, you might not be able to make much use of the yard itself. Your children may want to spend more time in the great outdoors, but with such an uneven landscape, they may not have enough room to play. Learn more about how building a retaining wall could be the key to turning your lawn into everything you want it to be.

Stop Runoff By Building A Retaining Wall

Soil erosion can be a major problem when you live on a hill. The rain comes down and mixes with the dirt, causing it to turn into slippery mud and slide down the slope. If this is allowed to persist, it can eventually become a serious issue. Your house depends on the soil to form a firm foundation for it to stand on. If the soil erodes, there may not be enough compact dirt to sustain your residence.

If you build a retaining wall, you help to keep the soil firmly intact. The wall becomes a barrier that seals the dirt into place so that the rain is no longer able to wash it away. This protects your property so that the foundation is supported and you don't have to deal with the risks that could occur if your home is on shaky ground.

Extend Your Yard With A Retaining Wall

When the weather is nice, you would probably like to do a little outdoor entertaining. A great backyard barbecue becomes even better when you have a retaining wall. The wall could turn that sloping place where your lawn once ended into the perfect dance floor.

Install the wall around your property and fill in the empty, sloping area with compacted soil. This levels out your yard so that you have more space to lounge around, to throw a party, or even to put in a swing set for your children to enjoy on those long, summer days.

Retaining walls can be made from all kinds of different materials. Try a colorful river rock or a sleek, modern concrete material that transforms the way that your property looks. Installing the wall can make your curb appeal go from zero to one hundred in no time.

For more information on retaining walls, contact a contractor.