Five Rental Tools To Make Spring Lawncare Easier

Spring is a busy time in the yard as you get everything in top condition for summer. You can minimize the labor and time needed by renting a few tools to make the job easier.

1. Edger

An edger can take a lawn from nice to beautiful in a short period of time. Not only does a sharp edge look better at the margin of the grass and paving, it also serves a purpose -- a clean edge prevents grass from growing over the paving and causing the edges to crumble. Although a weed string trimmer can be used in a pinch to edge a lawn, the result is often uneven and the process takes a lot of work. Renting a power edger makes short work of the task so you can have the rest of your weekend free for more enjoyable pursuits.

2. Core Aerator

Compacted, dense soils don't absorb water well, so eventually grass tends to thin out and the lawn becomes patchy. Aeration can solve that problem. A core aerator is a motorized tool that pulls up plugs of soil. The holes left behind allow water to seep in, and they loosen the soil to break up any compaction. Aerating is typically only needed annually or every few years, depending on how easily your soil compacts, so renting this tool instead of purchasing it makes sense.

3. Power Rakes

Fallen leaves, pine needles, and old grass clippings all collect on top of the soil in your lawn, eventually creating a mat that water can't easily seep through. You can rake it up by hand, but this is a time consuming and labor heavy chore. A power rake is the answer to removing the debris quickly and with minimal effort.

4. Overseeders

Spring is the optimum time to get your lawn lush and full before summer arrives. Reseeding is one method that can achieve this goal quickly. You can spread the seed over bare patches by hand, but it can be difficult to seed evenly using this method and you won't be aware of missed areas until after the grass begins to grow. An overseeder is a tool that ensures evenly spread seeds and cuts down on the likelihood of thin spots.

5. Tillers

Whether you're prepping an area for grass installation or getting your vegetable and flower beds ready for spring, a tiller can make the job much easier. Mechanical tillers break up soil to the depth desired, making short work of compacted areas that are difficult to till by hand.

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