4 Tricks For Installing A Brick Paver Patio

This summer, take the time to improve your backyard. When your backyard is an oasis, you don't have to go anywhere in order to have a wonderful time. A brick paver patio will look great in your backyard and will give you an enjoyable place to relax. When it comes to installing a brick paver patio, you need to make sure you understand how to properly install the patio pavers.

Remove Existing Structure

First, if you already have a patio in place, you need to make sure that you fully remove the patio before you start working on installing the new patio. For example, if you have a wood patio in place, remove all the screws and take apart the wood patio. If you have an old brick patio in place, break down the bricks and remove them. You don't want to start installing a new patio until everything is removed.

Stake Out the Perimeter

Once you remove the old patio, it is time to map out where you want to put your new patio. To stake out where you want to put your patio, you are going to want to take some wood stakes and some mason line. You are going to want to run the mason line between the wood stakes. This will allow you to figure out the exact location where you want to put your patio. Measuring the patio will also allow you to show how much the ground slopes and what type of leveling you need to do.

Dig Down Deep

Third, you need to make sure you dig down deep for your patio paver. You are not going to want to just put the pavers down directly on the ground. You are going to want to dig and level the ground, and then you are going to want to dig down deep in order to create a solid base for the patio. You need to prepare the ground properly.

Compact & Prepare the Soil

Now that you dug down deep, you must prepare the soil. To prepare the soil, once everything is level, you are going to want to put rocks down to create a solid base. Then, you will need to put down compressed layers of sand. This will create a filtration system that will help your patio pavers stay in place.

When it comes to installing a patio made of pavers, if you are not up to the task on your own, you can hire a professional to handle the installation process. For more information, contact a professional who provides brickwork services