About Proper Mowing For Your Lawn

To you, mowing your lawn may be something you end up doing once the neighbors start to complain or once it becomes clear that it's starting to get out of hand. However, once you learn about some of the many benefits of mowing your lawn, you may see the benefits of hiring someone to come out to ensure that it is mowed correctly and regularly. Here is information on lawn mowing, including why it should be done a certain way and why it should be done on a regular basis: 

How a lawn should be mowed

You may think simply cutting the grass in your yard is enough. However, there is a certain way that it should be cut in order for it to be as healthy as possible. The grass should be cut so the blades are about two and a half inches tall. It should also be cut regularly to ensure that the blades of grass are only having about a third of their tops removed during each mowing. There is also a best time of the day for mowing the lawn, and this is during the mid-morning hours. 

Why your lawn should be mowed according to the above specifications

You want to mow the lawn at a length that is as close as possible to the suggested height in order to keep it healthy and looking great. Not only is this a height that looks good, but it is also a height that will ensure the grass is best stimulated to grow and not too short which will cause it to become stressed, which can lead to an unhealthy lawn. Cutting it to the right height regularly keeps that healthy and well-balanced growth pattern going, which is important for its well-being. 

What can happen when grass gets too tall?

When you allow the grass to get too tall, it will start to grow slower as it gets taller. It will also grow unevenly with some blades of grass being thick, some thin, and some in-between. In order to have a fantastic-looking lawn, you want the blades to all be about the same thickness. Also, tall grass won't be able to stand, and when it flops over, it can end up trapping moisture, and this can result in the growth of fungus. It can also lead to mosquito problems in the yard. When you wait until the grass is tall to mow it, it can also go into shock. Taller grass is also harder to cut because the mower can go right over all the folded blades without cutting them.