Five Tasks Your Landscaping Crew Should Be Doing

A full-service commercial lawn care crew does more than mow your property's lawn, they can also perform other duties on site that will keep your landscape safe and looking good. Check with your landscaper to see if they offer these additional services. This way you won't have to contract with as many additional services to ensure all of your property care needs are met.

1. Walk Clearing

Safe sidewalks and pedestrian paths are a must for any business since the safety of employees and visitors is paramount. A lawn crew can clear leaves and other debris in fall, snow, and ice in winter, and fallen fruit and flowers in spring. Your property's sidewalks will look nicer, be less prone to stains, and they will have fewer slip and fall risks thanks to this service.

2. Trimming and Pruning

The trees and bushes on your property also need care, so make sure your landscaping company does more than just lawns. Most pruning takes place in late winter or early spring, although some hedges may require a midsummer trim to maintain their shape. The service should also prune and cut back perennial flowers in your garden beds so dry stems and dead leaves don't greet your customers.

3. Garbage Removal

Although your staff janitorial service will likely be in charge of emptying any exterior garbage cans on your property, garbage and debris can also be blown in to collect against building and curbs, or it can become entangled in hedges, trees, or fences. A landscaping crew can clean up this debris and keep everything trimmed properly so that garbage is less likely to get hung up in the living landscape.

4. Edging

Edging gives your lawns a crisp look along the edges of sidewalks and paved areas. Edging is also important against buildings and fences, otherwise tall grass or weeds will detract from the curb appeal of your business. A quality crew should edge long grass against buildings at every visit, and they should edge beside paved areas every four to six weeks to maintain that crisp, attractive edge.

5. Fertilizer and Treatments

Healthy landscaping means providing the grass and other plants with sufficient nutrients. Most landscaping services should be qualified to recommend and implement a fertilizing plan that meets the needs of your landscaping. Further, choose a crew that provides preventative maintenance as well, such as catching possible insect or disease issues and applying the necessary treatments to counteract them.

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