Which Of These 4 Outdoor Kitchen Layouts Should You Choose?

What shape should your outdoor kitchen be? While many homeowners know they want an outdoor cooking space, the actual layout is often harder to decide on. You want a space that provides everything you need for fun outdoor dining experiences without taking up too much your yard. To help you find the right layout, here's what you need to know about the four most common outdoor kitchen shapes. 

1. One-Wall Kitchens

The one-wall, or straight line, layout is probably the biggest space-saver in outdoor kitchen styles. It places everything you need — sink, refrigerator, grill or oven, and work space — along one counter facing the same direction. This is one of the least common indoor kitchen designs, so you may not be used to working with such a compact area. Use it to minimize both the kitchen fixtures and maneuvering space. 

2. Island Kitchens

Another space- and money-saving outdoor kitchen style is the island kitchen. This is a cousin to the one-wall design, as it allows you to use all four sides of the counter space instead. However, you will need more space since you have to maneuver around all four sides as well. The addition of an island, though, is a good compromise for larger outdoor entertainment areas looking for more flexibility. 

3. U-Shape Kitchens

A U-shape outdoor kitchen is one of the more common choices, just as with indoor kitchens. Because it resembles the traditional kitchen layout, it can be the easiest to design and most comfortable to use. However, the entire space must be dedicated to outdoor cooking use, so you lose flexibility in your entertainment space. It will also be difficult to alter this layout if your needs change later. 

4. L-Shape Kitchens

Finally, consider the value of the L-shape kitchen design. This allows you more counter space and the ability to include more appliance options. But it leaves more space open for the addition of a dining area or standalone kitchen elements like a pizza oven or smoker. The more open layout naturally lends itself to an outdoor kitchen as it feels more expansive and allows more freedom of movement. 

Where to Start

Not sure which outdoor kitchen design is best for your yard? Start by learning more about choices, sizes, outdoor fixtures, and pricing by meeting with a landscape contractor who specializes in these outdoor rooms. With their guidance, you're sure to craft a space that will get everyone outside with all the comforts of your home.

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