2 Reasons To Use Mulching For Your Vacation Rental

A vacation rental requires consistent work because you must keep it in excellent condition for people to reserve dates, enjoy their stay, and leave a positive review. Both major and minor details can impact the guest experience, making it essential to pay attention to all of them.

The landscape will play an important role in whether guests use the space because they will see it when coming over and looking outside from the windows. A strategic plan is to invest in mulching for large sections of your landscape because of how many benefits it can provide.

Landscape Upkeep

Mulching an area is an effective way to reduce landscape upkeep. Whether you add organic or inorganic mulch, you will make it harder for weeds to grow. This quality alone saves you time and effort because the landscape will stay attractive without weeds taking over. Another benefit is protecting delicate plants that may struggle to thrive with weeds growing nearby.

Mulch is an alternative to grass. So, you can remove grass that requires consistent mowing and watering for mulch that does not require much upkeep. Another benefit is that putting mulch around plants and trees means you do not have to use a mower or weed whacker around them. As a result, you will eliminate the possibility of damaging plants from contact with the blades.

Reducing upkeep allows you to keep your vacation rental listed all year long because it may not take long to get the property ready in between guests.

Soil Protection

Protecting your soil is beneficial because healthy soil makes it easier for plants to grow and thrive. Putting a layer of mulch over your soil will provide protection by preventing the sun from drying out the soil from direct exposure. Another benefit is that a mulch layer stops soil from becoming compacted, preventing plant roots from growing and spreading around.

In a vacation rental, you may regularly have guests and pets walking across the landscape and over the soil. Each footstep will compact the soil a little more. Fortunately, a layer of mulch will minimize soil compaction because it creates a buffer between guests' feet and the soil.

Working on your vacation rental's landscape is a smart move, especially when you want to reduce upkeep and make the place more suitable for guests. Investing in mulch for large sections will bring these benefits that both you and your guests will appreciate.