How To Get The Most From A Hardscaping Accent Installation

A hardscaping accent installation is a great way to make a yard or public space look better. You might be wondering, however, what will add some accents to a hardscaping installation. Whether you're dealing with a residential or commercial hardscaping accent installation project, here are five ways to make it as appealing as possible.

Understand the Space's Purpose

It is important to understand the purpose of a particular space. For example, you'll have a lot more room to play around with a residential hardscaping installation effort than you would with a commercial one. A commercial hardscaping installation will need to look clean and professional, and it might also have to incorporate the company's colors. Conversely, residential customers can be bolder with their choices.

Existing Style

Notably, it's important to not interfere too much with the style of the landscape and the surrounding buildings. If you're doing a residential hardscaping accent installation at a Victorian-era house, for example, inserting several hypermodern planters is probably going to look weird. Folks who aren't comfortable with making stylistic choices should talk with a contractor about what may or may not work for their location.


Nothing creates an accent faster than a strong color. If you're using large stones for a hardscaping accent installation in a spot with lots of gray gravel, you might invest in a couple of bright red ones to break up the space. Similarly, you could use light gray pavers to stand out against dark green grass. Especially if your color choices create pronounced contrasts, they will stand out. This can make a huge difference in open and featureless spaces, even if you only install a few hardscaping features.


Another way to make a hardscaping installation more exciting is to employ textures. Given the use of bricks, blocks, stones, and gravel in hardscaping projects, this should be easy. Look for products that have textures that look interesting to you. If you're installing them near relatively plain and smooth surfaces, the texture will stand out.

Create Patterns

Designing patterns is another greater way to build up hardscaping accent installations. If you're installing planters to break up a space that currently has nothing but gravel, for example, you could create a checkerboard pattern with the dark squares containing planters and the light squares continuing the gravel theme. As the plants fill in, a pattern will add significant visual interest. You can also achieve patterns by staggering bricks, pavers, and other features.

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