3 Repair Techniques To Help A Damaged Tree

When a major branch breaks or splits the trunk, you may think the only option is to remove the tree. Fortunately, with the right type of trimming and with some repair, a tree can sometimes be saved after major damage. Part of the key is attending to damage quickly, before disease, pests, or further damage occurs. Always take the time to inspect your trees after storms or wind so you can catch damages as soon as possible

1. Branch Stub Removal

Branches rarely break off cleanly. Usually, there will end up being an ugly stub left protruding, sometimes with part of the branch still dangling down. This should be removed for a couple of reasons. First, a barely attached branch is a major hazard if it falls on someone or something below. Further, the tree can properly seal up the wound if a stub is present.

Your tree trimmer will cut back the stub to the branch collar, which is a raised ring of wood where the branch connects to the trunk. A smooth cut right up to the collar makes it much easier to seal over the wound so that the tree heals quickly.

2. Bark Edge Cleaning

In some cases, branches break off more than flush to the trunk. In other words, the branch takes a strip of bark with it as it breaks off completely. Much like a stub, trees can't as easily seal over a wound when the edges of the bark surrounding the damage are torn and ragged.

To counteract this, your tree trimmer will clean up the bark around the wound. Using a sharp clean knife, the bark is trimmed so that the edges are smooth and rounded with no sharp corners that are difficult for the tree to seal up. 

3. Crown Recovery Pruning

The loss of a large branch can compromise the form and balance of a tree crown. The crown can end up lopsided, with most of the weight on one side. Not only is it unattractive, but the uneven weight distribution can also lead to further branch loss or even a blown-over tree.

Recover pruning is the process of trimming back and thinning out the remaining branches so that the crown is balanced again. Depending on the extent of recovery pruning necessary, your tree service may spread it out over a couple of years to prevent shock to the tree. The tree may need to be staked until the process is done to prevent blowdowns. 

Contact a tree trimming service in your area to learn more.