Irrigation System Repair: Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Lawn And Garden Watered

It is important that you maintain your irrigation system to keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful. Like any other equipment, an irrigation system can have problems especially once it starts getting older. To ensure your system stays in the best condition, keep reading this article common problems. 


One common problem with most irrigation systems is getting leaks. Leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, such as problems with the water valves or damaged pipes. Leaks can result in a much higher water bill, as well as can cause damage to the lawn and flower gardens. 

Turn on your irrigation system and look for signs of leaks. If you have a leak, you may notice areas that are not getting enough water, such as dead grass or flowers.  There may be water pooling around the sprinkler heads. If you notice these problems, contact an irrigation repair service to repair your irrigation system. 

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Another common problem with irrigation systems is getting clogs in the sprinkler heads. Mineral deposits may build up or dirt and other debris can get stuck in them. If you notice any of the sprinkler heads are not spray water at all or spraying water in the wrong direction, turn off the system and inspect the sprinkler head. 

You can remove the head and then rinse with warm water. If there is stuck debris, a wire brush can be used to loosen it. If you are not able to get the debris out, hire an irrigation repair service to do this for you.

Misaligned Sprinkler Heads

The sprinkler heads can become misaligned. If this happens, the lawn and flower gardens will get too much water in certain areas. This will result in your entire lawn and gardens not getting the right amount of water they need.  Fortunately, you can adjust the sprinkler heads yourself. 

First, turn the irrigation system on and watch to see how it distributes water. If you notice any sprinkler head not distributing correctly, adjust the angle of the head until it is spraying correctly. If you cannot adjust it by hand, you can use a tool, such as a screwdriver. 

Water Pressure Problems

If your irrigation system has low water pressure you will have uneven watering or dry spots on your lawn and gardens. Purchase a pressure gauge at a home improvement store and connect it to an outdoor faucet. Turn the irrigation system on and determine what the water pressure is. 

If the pressure gauge reads too low a booster pump can be installed to raise the pressure. What the pressure should be depends on the type of irrigation system you have. Contact an irrigation repair service to help you with this. 

One important thing you should do is have an irrigation repair service inspect and maintain your irrigation system for you regularly.

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