4 Landscape Challenges You Can Solve With Vines

Could you use vines in your yard to solve some common landscape problems? The answer may be yes, and here are a few such challenges for which vines might create a simple and long-lasting solution. 

1. Ugly Walls

The right vine can easily transform a boring or unattractive expanse of exterior wall. Vines which attach with small rootlets are able to grab onto brick, wood, and stone with relative ease. Others just need support from a mesh overlay, reclaimed pallets, chicken wire, or wires installed in specific designs. Turn the expanse of empty space into a lush vertical garden, a mass of blooms, or a fun topiary-like design. 

2. Harsh Sunlight

Trees aren't the only way to boost shade in your yard. Vines can do the job faster and in much less space than most trees. Some vines, like hydrangea or wisteria, create thick and woody structures that lend shade all year round. Others die back, opening up the space to the warming winter sun.

Add vines to pergolas, arches, poles, lattices, and more to strategically add shade throughout the yard. Then, prune to achieve the desired level of shade — either full or dappled. 

3. Challenging Ground

Did you know that vines can serve as ground cover? This unusual use fixes soil issues that traditional ground covers cannot do. Because vines trail, the original plant may be quite far away from where the lush greenery is covering. So if a section of ground is hard to grow things on or you want to cover up something unsightly, plant the right vines and watch them cover everything. 

4. Little Privacy

Just as with shade, vines can easily boost privacy throughout the landscape. Because you can train them to grow horizontally, vertically, or in any combination, they're perfect for the job. 

Don't have a solid fence? Keep out prying eyes by intertwining vines through slats or chain link fencing to fill in the gaps. Allow vines to hang down from overhead structures in your entertainment areas and form living curtains. They can work with trees to create a more thorough privacy screen. Or add vertical view-blocking lattices and other structures covered with trailing vines. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Want help deploying vines in your landscape? Discuss your specific yard design challenges with a landscape designer in your area to benefit from their expertise. No matter how you use them, vines will add beauty, comfort, and relaxation to your landscape. For more information, contact a landscape designer near you.