Three Reasons Hydroseeding Makes It Easier To Grow Or Repair Your Lawn

Whether you are putting in a new lawn or repairing worn patches on an existing one, you might give hydroseeding a try. Originally designed for large volume commercial use, the seed mixture is catching on in the residential market. Below is a brief description of hydroseeding and three reasons why you might consider it for your reseeding needs. What is Hydroseeding? Hydroseeding is the application of lawn seed using a spray delivery system The seeds are mixed with fertilizer and a mulch usually made of wood chips or cellulose fibers. [Read More]

Want Autumn To Shine In Your Backyard? 3 Plants To Think About Growing

Just about everyone has a favorite season, or at the very least, they prefer one over the others. If you are in love with autumn and everything that encompasses this season, you may want to showcase it by transforming your property's landscape into a beautiful sight all throughout fall. It requires careful planning and execution to create such a landscape as so many plants have unique needs and qualities. Hitting every level is ideal with short flowers, medium-sized bushes, and tall trees. [Read More]

3 Great Materials For Hardscaping

When landscaping, it can be difficult to create a unique and beautiful yard. One way to add a great deal of contrast and color to a yard is by utilizing what is called hardscape. Hardscaping refers to landscaping with hard materials. This article is going to outline three different materials to use when hardscaping, but will also delve into how to use these specific materials. Hardscaping can be used to create retaining walls, walkways, stairs, that can break up lawn, or can be used to xeriscape. [Read More]

Plants That Help Deter Pests

It's finally warm again and all you want to do is go outside and enjoy the fresh air! Then, you take a step outside and you're reminded of all the pests that come with the beautiful weather. There are things you can do to keep these pests away naturally. There are a wide variety of plants that deter many pests. Here are just a few of them. Marigolds These vibrant little flowers pack a powerful scent that mosquitoes loathe. [Read More]