What Is Brush Mulching?

There are a lot of land clearing methods available. One of them is called brush mulching, also known as forestry mulching. What is it, and what are the benefits of using brush mulching as a land clearing technique? Brush Mulching The land clearing method uses one machine that can come in and clear the land down to the ground, including things like stumps; and then chew up the debris into little pieces and leave them in place. [Read More]

3 Common Techniques Used To Clear Land

What do you do when you have a lot of land covered in trees, but you need a lot of land without trees? Well, you hire a land clearing company, of course. If you hire a professional company, they'll come do all of the work for you, and after a few days, you'll be left with the clear lot you desire. However, it can be helpful to have a better understanding of how, exactly, your land clearing company intends to clear the land. [Read More]

Caring For Your Evergreen Trees Through The Winter

From the gorgeous red cedar tree to the tall spruce, the evergreen family of trees is one of the most admired. These cold-hardy trees get their "evergreen" designation due to the fact that they do not lose their foliage through the coldest parts of the year. While evergreen trees may very well be some of the hardiest and life-filled in cold weather, this does not mean your evergreens do not need a little special care to keep them safe in the winter. [Read More]

Three Ways That You Can Decrease Your Lawn Maintenance Chores

If you're like many modern homeowners, you love the way a well-kept lawn makes your home look — but you may not love the work involved in cultivating an emerald green, weed-free lawn that feels velvety soft beneath your bare feet. Fortunately, while there's no such thing as a maintenance-free lawn, strategies exist for homeowners who want to minimize the time they spend on lawn chores. The following are three things that you can do to minimize lawn chores while not sacrificing curb appeal and the personal sense of pride that comes with having a gorgeous lawn. [Read More]