3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Backyard Landscape That Your Dog Can Enjoy Too

Most people focus on the making their front yard look spectacular for curb appeal reasons. However, what about the backyard? Some will focus on designing it for themselves, while others will put someone else's needs in front of their own, such as a four-legged furry friend. However, there's really no reason that you can't think about yourself and your dog. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your own interests in mind while also designing a dog-friendly landscape: [Read More]

5 Tips For Creating A Backyard Oasis

When you imagine a beautiful resort in a tropical destination, you probably think about lush foliage, exotic flowers, and greenery as far as the eye can see. There is a reason that most people think the tropics are paradise, and with a little bit of effort and planning you can bring the beauty of a tropical island to your own backyard. Use the following landscaping tips to create an oasis in your yard that you can enjoy all year long: [Read More]

How To Grow A Rental Home Garden That You Can Take To Your New Home

Growing a garden can be a rewarding way to have fresh flowers, herbs, and even vegetables, but it may not seem like an option if you live in a rental home. Even if you only intend on living in the home for a year or two, you can still create your own garden with a few creative adjustments. For a garden that will grow well in a rental and transplant easily into your next home, consider some of the following tips. [Read More]

If You're A New Homeowner In California, You Need To Know About Sudden Death Oak Syndrome

If you've just moved to California and you've bought a home, you need to learn as much as you can about a plague that has been affecting oak trees in the area since 1997: sudden oak death. This disease is primarily limited to the West Coast, with heavy concentrations of outbreak in California and Oregon. It can cause seemingly healthy oaks to suddenly die. Understanding what causes this disease, its warning signs, and treatments can help keep you from falling victim to this problem. [Read More]